Teenage Bullying

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TV Pilot hopes to organize“Bikers Against Bullying”

It initially started out as a short film project, but “A Book by It’s Cover” has quickly grown into an independent TV-Series and is now gathering support from bikers all over San Antonio.

The show, a dramatic-comedic TV-series, follows the life of an obese teenager as he faces everyday struggles with obesity and bullying. As obesity has become a growing problem in America, so has the need to provide support for those struggling with weight.

With students now heading back to school, bullying is sure to become a prevalent issue once again.

“A Book by It’s Cover” is hoping to raise awareness and educate viewers on the very real danger of teenage bullying. We are hoping this effort will motivate area bikers to join “Bikers Against Bullying” to show that real toughness means standing up to bullying.

Also born from this project, a documentary series that follows the show’s main character,16-year-old Alex Poncio, off screen as he confronts his own struggle to lose weight.