James Rodriguez – Cinematographer

After 29 years in the business, James can trace his inspiration to join in the fun back to his afternoons watching early serials as a kid.

Roy Rogers and Buck Rogers stoked his curiosity for how it was all done. By the time he reached middle school he was shooting 8mm films with his friends.

James attended San Antonio College and quickly took advantage of the hands-on attitude of the program. Classes in broadcasting led to his 3rd class with endorsement FCC broadcasting license and his first job in radio, while still a freshman. Film production classes solidified his prior amateur experience with direction, cinematography and editing. Upon leaving the program, James landed his first job in television at a cable tv station as itís production manager.

While gaining growing experience in broadcasting and video production, James has maintained his interest in his first love, filmmaking. Short films on weekends has led to short films with budgets and ultimately feature films as director of photography. James maintains an attitude of life-long learning, delving into directing, special effects make-up and 3D animation.