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SA2020 – Shaping San Antonio’s Future

Today, Saturday, September 25, we shared in supporting San Antonio’s Future by attending SA2020. Please visit for detailed info. Pictured: Alex and Liz Poncio, Mayor Julian Castro, Tracey Maurer and Brad Milne.
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Walk From Obesity – San Antonio

Today (Sunday, September 19, 2010) Alex and Liz Poncio along with mom, Tracey Maurer and sister Valerie Mawi participated in the San Antonio Walk.
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Shoot Day 12 at the BOOK House

Today we shot a unique scene involving a distance learning (or should we say distance scolding) scenario at the BOOK house. David is having a discussion with one of his teachers. Later we learned how to apply make-up to David, giving him that sleepless and stressed look. Many thanks...
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Shoot Day 11 at Hill’s & Dales

Many thanks to Rhonda Leifur for all her tremendous help through the entire A Book By Its Cover production and for connecting us with Arlisa Harley whom  arranged nearly 40 bikers to support the A BOOK BY ITS COVER shoot at Hill’s & Dales. Big thanks also to the...
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Shoot Day 10 at The BOOK House

Dad and David working out the fine details of a difficult step child / step parent relationship. Jim Rodriguez as usual brings the magic behind the camera AND TRACEY MAURER CONTINUES TO TAKE THE BEST SET PHOTOS EVER!
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Shoot Day 9 at San Antonio River & The Alamo

Fascinating Day – Ducks jumping into the scene, waterfalls, crew scurrying up trees, finding shots where we least expected in The Alamo City.
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Shoot Day 8 At The BOOK House

In this unique day of shooting The BOOK team shot a telephone scene in two locations simultaneously and used Skype to bridge the gap for Director-Milne and Cinematographer-Rodriguez to stay connected and see each side of the shot before rolling the cameras.
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